My next guest is Dr. Richard Pfau. He came to understand human behavior the long way.

He started in the “hard sciences” at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and studied engineering at Johns Hopkins. He spent several years with the U.S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station helping to silence submarines and other ships. He got his bachelors in psychology from the University of Baltimore, graduating summa cum laude by the way, and went on to the Peace Corps in Nepal. That experience led to him to a PhD in science education from the University of Pittsburgh. Then more work in Nepal and 11 years in Africa plus teaching at the University of Connecticut and private consulting as a human resource development specialist. He has been around the block.

Rich’s many years of work and research have been aimed directly at understanding human behavior and have culminated in his new book “Your Behavior – Understanding and Changing the Things You Do.”

In this episode we talk about how you can:

1. Analyze your behavior and change it if you want to

2. Understand why others behave the way they do

3. See how your perceptions direct your behavior

4. Get more control of your life

More about Rich and his work at:


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