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Hey guys, here’s what this is all about.

You have goals, needs, dreams, and desires. You have places to go, people so see, things to do, problems to solve. You want to be happy, healthy, and live a good life. You want to feel confident and competent. You want to matter.

But life can be a messy business. It can seem like an endless storm of issues, problems, predicaments, accidents, emergencies, and disasters. People, events, circumstances and your own mind get in the way. Sometimes it’s just annoying. Other times it shakes you to the core. At some point, everyone has to deal with difficulties.

To build a good life, to make it through the tough times, you need knowledge, skills, and abilities. You need practical wisdom. You need life navigation tools in seven major areas of life (around outer part of the circle) and seven essential life skills (in the center):

7 Areas 7 Tools

Welcome to As We Get Older, where we explore ideas, advice, and information to help you have a better now and build a better future. There are podcasts and articles, and online classes are coming soon. If you want to get notifications on the latest in life navigation tools, please subscribe below. Thanks for being here.

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