On Covid-19, the healthcare system, and the future.

Dan Zeman is back for another chat. He is an exercise physiologist and has worked in the health, fitness and sports medicine fields for over 38 years. In our first interview we talkd about his book You’re Too Old To Die Young and he outlined the new and unique issues all boomer men will face in time. 

In this episode we talk about COVID-19, the healthcare system, who is vulnerable, what this event means for your future, and what you can do to help yourself now and down the road. That’s a lot!

Dan is also part of the True Health Initiative, a global coalition of world-renowned experts, fighting fake facts and combating false doubts to create a world free of preventable diseases, using the time-honored, evidence-based fundamentals of lifestyle and medicine. More at TrueHealthInitiative.org/covid/.


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