How to think like a thin person – permanently!

My next guest is Dr. Glenn Livingston, and he says “I’m a formerly obese guy with very poor cardiovascular genetics, a guy who almost ate himself to death despite a dozen warnings from doctors and other health professionals who wasted years of his life believing he had a mysterious disease which caused him to compulsively overeat.” He has a PhD in clinical psychology and is the Author of the very successful book Never Binge Again, with over 1 million readers. And the book is FREE!

You may have seen his work in Psychology Today or The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, or on national TV and radio. He used to do research and consulting for Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. And after a personal journey out of obesity, he spent decades researching the psychology behind overeating and binge eating. His unique approach to food choices will help you develop a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food. 

He says you should not let farm animals tell you what to eat. He will help you deal with your inner pig.

Find out more about Glenn and download the book for free at
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