From Pitcher to Pulitzer.

Larry Colton always wanted to be a baseball player. He gave it a good shot. He holds the UC Berkley single game strikeout record of 19 batters, was a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies (he only pitched 2 innings), was the designated hitter for the Portland Mavericks (independent league A ball) for a few weeks and finally left baseball behind to became a writer – and a very good one.

He is the author of five books and one of them, Counting Coup, about a girls’ basketball team in Montana, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. I met him at a baseball coaches clinic in Gresham Oregon and he agreed to come on the show because our local senior league team is named after the Portland Mavericks. This one is just for fun. 

I read Southern League and really enjoyed it. Here are some links to Larry’s books:


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