GrabĀ  your shovel and get ready to dig.

In this episode I talk with Bill Ferguson, who started his journey as a Marine Corps Captain, then became a divorce lawyer, and is now a best-selling author and teacher. He was even featured on Oprah.

As a divorce attorney, he gained national attention for his ability to take the conflict out of a divorce. He focused on helping clients heal their relationship, one human being to another, and learned a lot about what creates and destroys love.

Since 1985 he has been helping people heal relationships and make their lives work. He has led over 2,000 Mastery of Life workshops and worked with thousands of people. He has also written 8 books and the first one, How To Heal A Painful Relationship, was featured on Oprah and became a national best seller. He has written 7 other books and his work has also been recommended by The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

In this episode we talk about relationships and how to make them work better. If you have a painful relationship you would like to heal, this one is for you.

Bill offers weekend workshops, individual support, video courses, articles and a free e-course. More about Bill and his work at:

Heal a Painful Relationship - Book


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