How to Navigate the Barriers in Your Mind.

Did you know that the average person has about 40,000 negative thoughts a day? If you are awake for 16 hours a day my math says that’s 2,500 an hour or 41 a minute. That’s a lot of negativity. It might be more than that now with COVID-19 going on. A lot of people are feeling overwhelmed and distracted with the constant volley of messages and information and my next guest, Dr. Coyte Cooper, might be able to help us handle all that.

He earned his Doctorate from Indiana University in 2007. He is a coach, author, and podcaster who helps people form powerful habits that can radically improve their lives. Today we are going to talk about his latest book, Flip the Script, and learn a simple process to flip the script on your barriers so you can live a better happier life.

In this episode, Coyte outlines a blueprint on how to break free from your biggest barriers once and for all. Instead of 12.8 hours of negative thoughts dragging you down each day, you can learn to reallocate this wasted time, and use your energy and capacity to close the gap on your most meaningful goals. Instead of spending 4,672 hours a year on counterproductive beliefs and emotions, you can learn how to tap into your desire to create a life you absolutely love.

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